When it comes to the end

Of one man in especial, beyond any one else, the citizens of a republic should beware, and that is of the man who appeals to them to support him on the ground that he is hostile to other citizens of the republic, that he will secure for those who elect him, in one shape or another, profit at the expense of other citizens of the republic.

That is why I decline to recognize the mere multimillionaire, the man of mere wealth, as an asset of value to any country; and especially as not an asset to my own country. The imminence of the bowl judgments should fill the unbeliever with fear and dread, hopefully to the point of repentance.

As churches close in Minnesota, a way of life fades

Bitter internecine hatreds, based on such differences, are signs, not of earnestness of belief, but of that fanaticism which, whether religious or antireligious, democratic or antidemocratic, it itself but a manifestation of the gloomy bigotry which has been the chief factor in the downfall of so many, many nations.

If on a round-up and animal When it comes to the end passed by, the following year it would appear as an unbranded yearling, and was then called a maverick. A democratic republic such as ours - an effort to realize its full sense government by, of, and for the people - represents the most gigantic of all possible social experiments, the one fraught with great responsibilities alike for good and evil.

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The stream will not permanently rise higher than the main source; and the main source of national power and national greatness is found in the average citizenship of the nation. Character must show itself in the man's performance both of the duty he owes himself and of the duty he owes the state. The excuse advanced for vicious writing, that the public demands it and that demand must be supplied, can no more be admitted than if it were advanced by purveyors of food who sell poisonous adulterations.

In fact, it is essential to good citizenship clearly to understand that there are certain qualities which we in a democracy are prone to admire in and of themselves, which ought by rights to be judged admirable or the reverse solely from the standpoint of the use made of them.

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Are the great laws of righteousness once more to be fulfilled? We speak of international law; but international law is something wholly different from private of municipal law, and the capital difference is that there is a sanction for the one and no sanction for the other; that there is an outside force which compels individuals to obey the one, while there is no such outside force to compel obedience as regards to the other.

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You and I belong to the only two republics among the great powers of the world. These agents of misery will have breastplates of iron and wings that sound like chariots of many horses running into battle Revelation 9: If a public man tries to get your vote by saying that he will do something wrong in your interest, you can be absolutely certain that if ever it becomes worth his while he will do something wrong against your interest.

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The individualism which finds its expression in the abuse of physical force is checked very early in the growth of civilization, and we of to-day should in our turn strive to shackle or destroy that individualism which triumphs by greed and cunning, which exploits the weak by craft instead of ruling them by brutality.

Nevertheless, while laying all stress on this point, while not merely acknowledging but insisting upon the fact that there must be a basis of material well-being for the individual as for the nation, let us with equal emphasis insist that this material well-being represents nothing but the foundation, and that the foundation, though indispensable, is worthless unless upon it is raised the superstructure of a higher life.

March to the Midterms

Under other forms of government, under the rule of one man or very few men, the quality of the leaders is all-important.CREATE A FOLLOWING Tribune Content Agency builds audience Our content engages millions of readers in 75 countries every day.

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When it comes to the end
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