Traditional music vs international music

So we should listen to the music that attracts us and really inspires not matter where are they from what whatever their genre are, but we should not ignore our own traditional music. The message contained in a song is often believed by many and is accepted by the society as it inspires people.

Furthermore, as the man get civilized and world get developed, need of music also get changed for modern man. Why do we need music? Why Do We Need Music? The World is divided into many different cultures and traditions. The traditional music eventually become diluted by pop culture.

Traditional music is regarded as the remarkable legacy from our ancestors. There are inevitable requirements of traditional music to express the true joys and traditions. Another issue of this essay is whether traditional music or popular world music has more importance. Without a shadow of doubt, international music has charm, but traditional music has its own scenario.

In every place, music and people are hard to be separated. Communities have their own traditional or folk music.


Since traditional music reflects the genuine emotion and represents the tradition and way of life, they have more importance in our culture and society. Based on the rhythms, one can say from where a song comes. However, young people sometimes think that traditional music is less interesting due to the influence of modernization.

Finally, it is a connection among countries. It can bring different nations together and teach lessons that were unknown to a person. Globalisation and information technologies made wonderful changes in music.

Music can be played in many ways, one can play with strings, sticks, or just a humming. In addition, we need traditional music to accompany traditional dancing. Music has evolved over the past decades and today there are countless number of genres of music in the world.

You should write at least words. Approximately words by - Lettisha James Model Answer 6: Songs are measured according to its importance. Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the following topic: Is the traditional music of a country more important than the International music that is heard everywhere nowadays?

It is the responsibility of parents to give them the knowledge of their traditional music. In view of international music, it can use only for happiness.

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PTE Academic Sample Essays: Why Do We Need Music? Traditional Music Vs International Music

This is because music has been part of our daily lives even in the ancient times. People were used to show their sentiment through music in different circumstances like war and battles, happiness and wedding ceremonies, grief and sorrow etc. This is the reason, there are many different types of music in the world today.

World music

They say that International music presents emerging trends and thoughts. In many communities and religions, music is still used to eulogise the God. Music, for many of us, is a way of living. Traditional music helps a man to get connected with his cultural heritage whereas international music leads to globalization and finally one may lost his cultural identity.

As i said music is music let it be international or traditional and all efforts should be made to preserve ones own traditional music as well, as old saying goes "old is gold" Approximately words by - Bilawal Ali Model Answer 4:Traditional Music Vs International Music This Essay Traditional Music Vs International Music and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • February 5, • Essay • Words (2 Pages) • Views4/4(1).

Jun 21,  · There are many kinds of music from traditional music to international music. This essay seeks to show the reasons why people need music and that music is a universal art so that traditional music is as important as international music.

The modern debate over the importance of traditional music of a country than the International music is ongoing. I believe that traditional music has its deep roots in the culture and history of a community and to remain connected to its roots, one needs to be aware of the traditional music.

Traditional Vs International Music

Oct 23,  · Is the traditional music of a country more important than the International music that is heard everywhere nowadays? Music is an important part of humans’ lives, and there are a lot of kinds of music.

Some people believe that traditional music is more important than international modern music. However, in my opinion, I am neutral when someone. Sep 07,  · International vs Traditional Music (IELTS Writing Task) Why do we need music? Is there traditional music of a country more important than the international music that is heard every where nowadays?

To sum up, international and traditional music both have important roles in communicating, healing and entertaining people, but in my opinion, traditional music is more pivotal to keep and represent the genuine values of a society.

Traditional music vs international music
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