Research in medical advancments

Animal Testing and Research

This established the order of the more than 3 billion letters in what's often called "the book of life. Targeted Therapies for Cancer Expand With New Drugs Two blockbuster-targeted therapies burst on the cancer scene in late s, and arguably changed forever the concept of cancer treatment, converting what was often a fatal disease into a chronic illness.

Learn more Researchers Find Handwritten Opioid Prescriptions Are More Prone to Mistakes In a small study of opioid prescriptions filled at a Johns Hopkins Medicine outpatient pharmacy, researchers found that handwritten orders for the drugs contribute heavily to a trio of prescribing and processing errors in contrast to those created electronically.

Once admitted to a hospital, they get a bar code which matches their blood samples and their IVs. Still other patients are sent to surgery, where surgeons have learned sophisticated techniques to sew new vessels into the heart to bypass diseased arteries. He or she is asked to perform a simple task, like identifying a color or solving a math problem.

Hide Caption 8 of 11 Photos: The first, Herceptin, is a drug that targets a type of breast cancer that is characterized by a specific cancer gene -- an oncogene -- called HER First developed in the early s, fMRI began to shape research at the beginning of the decade.

More important, these drugs represent highly effective agents that target the cancer, not the patient," said Blackwell. Once it arrives, the team is able to determine whether a stroke is caused by a blood clot, administer a drug to dissolve that clot, and then bring the patient to an appropriate hospital.

10 Top Medical Breakthroughs

At the moment Venter sees more medical potential than medical achievements in genomic research. The greatest benefit of tiny openings into the body rather than large incisions made by traditional surgery, may -- believers say -- be shorter and less painful recovery time.

Heart Disease Deaths Drop by 40 Percent Those looking for dramatic improvements in public health need look no further than the world of heart disease. Tiny metal hands carefully manipulating sutures deep inside the heart seems like a scenario pulled from "Star Trek," but the reality is that robotic surgery is occurring daily in a growing number of centers across the country.

It means we could upload our minds to a computer and live on in a digital form. Even doctors need to look things up from time to time.

The Top 10 Medical Advances of the Decade

Hide Caption 3 of 11 Photos: In this kind of cellular immunotherapy, white blood cells called T-cells are extracted from a patient, treated at a special laboratory, and then returned to the patient to fight cancer cells.

It was the first and still is the most effective prevention strategy we have.

Advances in Medical Sciences

Hide Caption 2 of 11 Photos: HRT did reduce the risk of colorectal cancer and fractures and was proven to be an effective treatment for hot flashes and some other menopause symptoms. Examples include virtual post-traumatic stress disorder v-PTSD which might be the diagnosis for gamers who participate in large virtual battles wearing VR masks such as Call of Duty of Battlefield and experience similar symptoms as those soldiers who fought in real wars.

Targeting cancer Researchers are closing in on the day when a single drug will treat many different cancers. With one quick check-up it tells you what percentage of your cells are cancer free. For the first time the world could read the complete set of human genetic information and begin to discover what our roughly 23, genes do.

Heart Disease Deaths Drop by 40 Percent Those looking for dramatic improvements in public health need look no further than the world of heart disease. While patients do not like the term adherence as they want to be partners with their caregivers rather than following orders, health insurance companies will use more and more data to check whether the patients comply with their prescriptions to decrease their insurance costs.

Doctors have also used robotic surgery to improve the accuracy of procedures, especially in cancer cases. We might have been looking for the secret of immortality in the wrong places.

As the patient answers the question, the fMRI tracks the areas of the brain that are activated by tracing the speed at which the cells metabolize the sugar, or glucose. Lean more Bones of the Past Spur Renewed Focus on Conservation Johns Hopkins paleontologist and her collaborative team of scientists report they have clear evidence that the arrival of humans and subsequent human activity throughout the islands of the Caribbean were likely the primary causes of the extinction of native mammal species there.

Over the last five years, teams from the U. The chosen topic I have picked Is Analytics. And most of them look great. Microsoft Hololens can also change medical education and how we look at the world by projecting digital information onto what we are seeing. In fact, one source reports that by latean MSTU will be available to more than 40 percent of major-city emergency rooms.

Hormone replace therapy, or HRT, was also thought to be good for the bones, the brain, the skin, the figure, and the libido, and was considered the best treatment to control the annoying and sometimes disabling symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, depression, and sleep disturbances.

The medical mind-readers are not trying to identify a card randomly selected from a deck -- they are using sophisticated imaging techniques to map the way the mind works.

Both groups announced a rough draft at joint press conference on June 26, Advances in future medical technology will not just repair physical disadvantages such as impaired eyesight but will create superhuman powers from having the eyesight of an eagle to having the hearing of a bat.

Jun 05,  · 10 medical advances in the last 10 years - CNN. Advances in Medical Sciences is an international, peer-reviewed journal that welcomes original research articles and reviews on current advances in life sciences, preclinical and clinical medicine, and related disciplines.

Sep 13,  · As technology continues to drive the pace of progress in biomedical research and healthcare, the traditional line between engineering and medical science grows ever thinner.

Medical research Human gut study questions probiotic health benefits Probiotics are found in everything from chocolate and pickles to hand lotion and baby formula, and millions of people buy probiotic supplements to boost digestive health. Jun 05,  · 10 medical advances in the last 10 years - CNN.

Research in medical advancments
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