My precious memories

Would have liked to be in 5A with the formidable white-mopped Miss Goddard, but found myself wearing out those PP collars at Artarmon instead. You were not allowed home until you were 16 and even then it was difficult to get a passage.

Joyce and I joined the others on the train and I was too excited to even look back as the train steamed out of the station. I have revisited the cottage in the last few years ,it is now a holiday cottage ,I was allowed to go in and see my old bedroom, another child Sybil Chapman was also billeted there she later married a farmer having been in the land army.

I was fortunate to catch this ship, as although this was my supposed destination, due to a false air raid in Portsmouth, it must have been on the 20th or 21st of August I missed the train and had to wait for the next one which had the children bound for Canada.

My Precious Memories

So we used to go with a little wheelbarrow, to the cemetery at around 6. Mothers stood watching as their children set off My precious memories who was going to care for them and how well they were going to be kept.

In May we were told we were to be moved and had to write a postcard to tell parents, to be posted by the school just telling them we were moving but not where to. It was a great school. The downside for me was that we were in the clutches of Miss Dromgool, the head escort.

Instead of dinner in the middle of the day we had "lunch". Repeating 3rd class… apparently I was supposed to do better. We heard that the convoy had been ordered to scatter and felt the engines below vibrating as the ship picked up speed.

Cleaning rooms at the end of the year. Swimming lessons at Roseville Baths with Mr. The Victory Sports Day at Roseville Park inplaying vigaro, Miss Ayling making us sit up straight in assembly with our shoulders back! Do you remember my father Walter Oakes? I joined the Boy scouts, where I managed to become acting Troop Leader before returning home.

I remember Miss Knowles and Mr. Also anybody who was in the Gwenbehana's Dance Troupe who performed at the merchant navy weeks', military hospitals and hotels within the area. Miss Barlow who kept the class in until Mr Whittaker finished sport training.

If you are one of those people, a relative or know of the whereabouts of anybody who was evacuated to the hotel, please contact me. The end-of-term pride at being chosen to gumption the stair rails — or clean inkwells out in the playground.

We threw rose petals on the ground as they came out of the church! Playing vigaro down near the boys playground. For the first days, many children were quite sick. So, we were taken from Worthing, Hertford, not a million miles was from Potters Bar.

Christmas is around the corner, so this is a great opportunity to think about gifts! And a couple of times we were taken to the pictures, queue up for an hour then front row ninepenny seats.

Results showed that participants did experience involuntary memory recall when they were recalling the past deliberately also known as voluntary memory.

Precious Memories

In our very early school days taking rubber rings to bite on in case there was a bomb scare during the War. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend of memories.

We were only taught breastroke I was will ask my brother who taught the boys. A place was eventually found for me with relatives of the family my sister stayed with. End of year school dance. Found it two days later under the piano. Person in the same photo 2nd row from the top 4th from left with glasses is Craig Wilson.

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My precious memories
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