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Chinese policy makers would also need to review their policies and change the countries practices to reduce such problems. The maneuvering on balancing the outsourcing can render caution to companies to protect their brand image, reputation, core Mattel outsourcing essay, and property rights when processes are outsourced to other entities.

They include in their report yearly what they do wrong; you just have to be aware of it. Beside the political purpose behind it to be blame, the failure of regulation by the Chinese authority is also a big reason why the crisis may happen. To make matters worse recently because of this issue Mattel has lost the license with Walt Disney Co.

The transparence of government censorship is obviously needs to be improved. The Mattel case is a clear example in which the corporation was found liable for not assuring their product meeting the safety standards.

These would allow the consumer to pay for loyalty fee to the group, and enable them to print out the missing parts or even the required amount of bricks for a whole set of finished models, or creating a customer-designed, a unique decoration elements, it could made more positive topics around the brand.

Crafting a Well Written Mattel Case Study Analysis

The strongest in need of enactment is the absence of freedom of association, and the right of collective bargaining and human rights in some of these factories in China. In conclusion, in preparation for another scenario similar to the toy recall, Mattel could incorporate the following objectives into their action plan.

The goal is establish the right project structure to ensure the outcomes are met by reducing the backlash of outsourcing that could create a poor result of service to consumers.

Mattel had to determine what next steps they would take to recover from such a crisis and move quickly in order to protect their brand. Mattel and its Chinese suppliers had maintained a partnership over decade.

However, another problem have arisen for LEGO because it had no experience in remote management of overseas production line. In the later years of the new competitive market becoming over expansive from Barbie, Walt Disney Co.

These women and male workers are impacted the most in subtle factory changes. The aspects of transferring the processes through outsourcing to other entities create a lower service standards and loss of privacy that streams from insufficient project management utilized.

This is stated in Mattel Inc. I n Augustthey recalledtoys because of high levels of lead in the paint, which included 83 different toys and costing them 30 million dollars. Moving forward a solution this type of dilemma should include increased quality control efforts in all areas, increased audits and inspections to retain compliance with industry standards.

In addition, Mattel has the full access for on-site inspections and any records that will enable the company to determine the compliance with principles Mattel.

There are many different solutions mentioned above that could work together to minimize the likelihood of such massive recalls in the future. In a result, People are less trust about China product and the reputation is getting worse.

Mill explained that that the large system of production is inevitable p. There are issues discussed in this and other case studies where health issues and safety issues are in need of addressing. The countries in foreign places have products and reputations to uphold in their CSR codes of conduct.

The group will become more influential in the Hollywood and perhaps Bollywood. Meanwhile the rivalry was producing toys in low-cost countries. SinceLEGO has changed its strategy, to obtain licensed theme from filmmakers and book authors instead of developing products with their own designs.

Beside the political purpose behind it to be blame, the failure of regulation by the Chinese authority is also a big reason why the crisis may happen. However, people know that toys with extra lead and non-standardized magnetic batteries are under the brand name of Mattel, not the small Chinese contractors.

The strong magnets in some of the toys manufactured by China allowed the Mattel brand to diminish the overall concept in the initial quest for off shoring business manufacturing production.

Instead of shifting blame to producers in China, Mattel needs to realize that it was their choice to produce in China and therefore the producers are not completely at fault.all ).

In order to save money and cut corners, this unauthorized supplier used paint that contained impermissible levels of lead. As outsourcing and subcontracting increased, Mattel’s ability to monitor the manufacturing process and the material used to produce toys became harder.

InMatter closed its last factory in the United States, originally part of the Fisher-Price division, outsourcing production to China which began a chain of events that led to a scandal involving lead contamination.

We will write a custom essay sample on. Mattel and the Toy Recalls specifically for you. for only $/page. With the expansion of outsourcing worldwide and the increased focus by advocacy groups, Mattel became a target for investigation of worker and environmental policies and procedures (Sethi, Veral, & Emelianova, ).

The Ethics Of Outsourcing At Mattel

The ethics of outsourcing at Mattel Essay Volume 8, Issue 4, SECTION 3. General issues in management Sarah D. Stanwick (USA), Peter A. Stanwick (USA) The ethics of outsourcing at Mattel Abstract This study addresses the ethical issues related to Mattel Corporation.

Mattel representatives in September even made clear to the American Congressional Committee that the defected toys were a result of Mattel’s “own flawed toy designs”; this then lead to Mattel making changes in its manufacturing process.

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