Literary history of the life of lewis carroll

Dodgson meets another Alice during his time in London, Alice Raikes, and talks with her about her reflection in a mirror, leading to another book, Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found Therewhich sells even better. I shall never get to twenty at that rate!

Lewis Carroll Carroll, Lewis (Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism) - Essay

But the Liddell children undoubtedly held an especially high place in his affections—partly because they were the only children in Christ Church, since only heads of houses were free both to marry and to continue in residence.

But there is little or no evidence to back up such theorizing. His occupation as Mathematical Lecturer at Christ Church gave him some financial security. He probably felt more than he dared acknowledge, even to himself.

Pillow Problems, which alludes to his sleeping troubles.

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This was also the period of time when he composed his extensive love poetry, leading to speculation that the poems may have been autobiographical. Gertrude Chataway 's name appears in this form at the beginning of The Hunting of the Snarkand it is not suggested that this means that any of the characters in the narrative are based on her.

The photographer had to smear a glass plate with a colloid and dip it into silver nitrate, insert the plate into the camera, expose it for as much as a minute, and then develop the plate in a darkroom. In the Alice stories, the Queen of Hearts overcomes the King both in size and power.

His occupation as Mathematical Lecturer at Christ Church gave him some financial security. Dodgson was ordained a deacon in the Church of England on December 22, Ordination[ edit ] Dodgson had been groomed for the ordained ministry in the Church of England from a very early age and was expected to be ordained within four years of obtaining his master's degree, as a condition of his residency at Christ Church.

Famously innovative for their unconventional use of language, the stories were also among the first non-didactic, non-moralizing texts aimed at children.

After the death of his father inCarroll assumed responsibility for his unmarried sisters, establishing a home for them in Guildford in Surrey.

Lewis Carroll

As Alice remembered inthey used to sit on the big sofa on each side of him, while he told us stories, illustrating them by pencil or ink drawings as he went along. This was against college rules and, initially, Dean Liddell told him that he would have to consult the college ruling body, which would almost certainly have resulted in his being expelled.

June Lewis Carroll portrait of Beatrice Hatch Discussion of Dodgson's sexual preferences[ edit ] Some late twentieth-century biographers have suggested that Dodgson's interest in children had an erotic element, including Morton N.

He continued to teach at Christ Church until and remained in residence there until his death. Alice has provided a challenge for other illustrators, including those of by Charles Pears and the full series of colour plates and line-drawings by Harry Rountree published in the inter-War Children's Press Glasgow edition.

Some authors have suggested that Dodgson may have suffered from this type of aura and used it as an inspiration in his work, but there is no evidence that he did. He began writing at an early age, producing poems and stories for the amusement of his siblings as well as a series of illustrated magazines for his family.

He was widely assumed for many years to have derived his own "Alice" from Alice Liddell ; the acrostic poem at the end of Through the Looking-Glass spells out her name in full, and there are also many superficial references to her hidden in the text of both books. Lebailly concludes that it has been an error of Dodgson's biographers to view his child-photography with 20th- or 21st-century eyes, and to have presented it as some form of personal idiosyncrasy, when it was in fact a response to a prevalent aesthetic and philosophical movement of the time.

This attack was diagnosed as possibly "epileptiform" and Carroll himself later wrote of his "seizures" in the same diary.

Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Dr Leon Coward asserts the book 'suffers' from "readings which reflect today's fascination with postmodernism and psychology, rather than delving into an historically informed interpretation," and speculates that this has been partly driven by audiences encountering the narrative through a 'second-hand' source, explaining "our impressions of the original text are based on a multiplicity of reinterpretations.

Carroll was the first son of their eleven children. This was a cloth-backed folder with twelve slots, two marked for inserting the most commonly used penny stamp, and one each for the other current denominations up to one shilling.

Strong comments in a Times article, "It would have been clean contrary to all his practice to identify [the] author of Alice with the author of his mathematical works". Eating is also emphasized in other ways. His serious verse, published in several collections, is considered uninspired and is largely forgotten today.

The fellowship provided him a yearly stipend and rooms at Christ Church for life. The pack included a copy of a pamphletted version of this lecture.Watch video · Lewis Carroll Biography Author (–) Lewis Carroll was the pen name of Charles L.

Dodgson, author of the children's classics "Alice's Adventures in. Nov 15,  · Carroll's best-known works, all produced under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, were his fantasy novels, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. The Story of Alice: Lewis Carroll and the Secret History of Wonderland ( The author explores Carroll's life from his birth in the north of England to a clergyman, through his study at Oxford and his writing career. I have long had a love affair with all things Alice in Wonderland and while I had a passing /5(27).

Jun 14,  · His gravestone calls him Dodgson and puts Lewis Carroll in parenthesis. The first biography, by his nephew, does the reverse. When Alice Hargreaves died, headlines in The Times of London called her both Mrs.

Lewis Carroll

Hargreaves and ­Alice in. Posted on November 26,in Literature and tagged Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Author Birthdays, Books, Classics, Famous Authors, History, Lewis. The Story of Lewis Carroll: Told for Young People by the Real Alice in Wonderland, Miss Isa Bowman.

London: J.M. Dent & Co.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Dodgson, Charles L.

Literary history of the life of lewis carroll
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