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In54 knights were bound on carts and then to fields near Saint-Antoine's convent where they were stripped and burned at the stake.

Ridley maintains that part of the reason for the Templars arrest was the fact that they had become entwined in rumors that they "engaged in unnatural vices, including homosexualityand that they indulged in satanic anti-Christian practices" Ridley On top of this, since the Templars had been accused of heresy, the had no right to legal counsel.

However, as more and more Templars began confessing, he simply had no reason not to allow an investigation into the order. The wealth of the Order became a source of "resentment" Menacheas the Templars were exempt from tithing. Post crown and baronag are incapable of for the most part of manning fotresses and defences, costs are too expensive, so they sell or rent them to the 3 major military orders.

We often hear that power corrupts and when it does, it generally does so completely. In the beginning, they were closely associated with the "Augustinian canons of the Holy Sepulcher, and their Hospital, because they were housed near the Hospital building, and their work helped support pilgrims treated at the Hospital.

Sora reports that many knights were "confined to dungeons, sustained with bread Knights templar research papers water, accused of the most heinous perversions, and tortured beyond endurance" Sora 24 and, as a result, many "lost their ability to reason, several committed suicide, and most confessed to anything" Sora The Knights Templar were a famous group of knights who became a religious order as their numbers grew, and they became one of the richest religious orders of their time.

She also writes that the Order withheld their tithes from the church and did not distribute their possessions properly. For whatever the Knights Templar ended up becoming in the minds of the people, it began as an Order that was to be respected and admired for it passion to defend and protect Christendom.

In addition, knights in London and Scotland were questioned as well. Immediately, Philip had them burned at the stake in However, their presence was no doubt becoming less important because of the great loss.

It is said that more than hundred knights were questioned.

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These helped out with land, knights, capital to name a few. Other accounts speak of the Templars allowing themselves to become victims of bribery of the Moslems. It should be noted that the Pope did not want to believe these accusations and rejected the notion of any Templar wrong doing for two years.

In addition to this, their fate may be declared one that is marred by being at the wrong place at the wrong time because they had to contend with a powerful man, King Philip, who was greatly in debt and saw an opportunity to seize a portion of the debt without much trouble.

But when Jerusalem fell to Muslim rule inrumours surfaced that the knights were heretics who worshipped idols in a secret initiation ceremony. This is one aspect about the King's Templar that irritated many, especially King Philip.

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Following its recognition, the Templars soon became one of the most powerful monastic orders in Christendom.

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After the Council of Troyes, de Payens set about Europe looking for new recruits. They withdrew from the patriarch of Jerusalem, from whom they had received the establishment of their Order and their first privileges, and refused him the obedience which their predecessors had shown him" Willelmi Tyronensis Archiepiscopi qtd.

Its all relative in many respects.

The Knights Templar - Research Paper Example

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Another historian notes, "The members swore oaths of poverty and chastity, and their distinctive badge was a red cross on a white mande. Examples of completed orders.

Knights Templar

Another contributing factor to the Templars rise was the reconciliation of two previously irreconcilable concepts within the clergy:Knights Templars: Magicians or Knights This Research Paper Knights Templars: Magicians or Knights and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on agronumericus.com4/4(1).

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This paper is intended to be read as an addendum to my paper " Templar Two-Knight Matrix Linked to Original Seal.

Knights Templars: Magicians or Knights

" In response to comments, I offer additional ideas. - The Knights Templar The Knights Templar have been portrayed as evil knights and only concerned with their glory in video games (i.e. Assassins Creed) and movies (i.e. Kingdom of Heaven). What happened to them and their treasure has been much speculation ever since their fall in The Knights Templar Research Paper Madison Denison World History 1st Hour December 9, The Knights Templar A French knight named Hughes de Payens founded the knights ’ templar around The Knights Templar: free Research sample to help you write excellent academic papers for high school, college, and university.

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