Key considerations for brand equity

At the other extreme, is your brand just chatting for the sake of it? Too many brands think through to launch and then plan for maintenance comms. Therefore, both extension and feedback effects seem to be strong. Amphorae for wine and oil, Archaeological Museum, Dion. Eumachius"; probably references to the name of the producer.

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In some industries, price is the number one non-product factor. A distribution channel can be controlled by a brand because of a history of brand performance.

For instance, employees probably have a better understanding of who is in charge of what and why when companies use individual versus extension branding options. Wine jars, for example, were stamped with names, such as "Lassius" and "L.

Colgate toothpaste, the market leader in toothpaste segment in India, can be rightly called Ambassador brand. Brands helps customers to understand which brands or products belong to which product or service category.

Too slow — and your brand will lack dynamism. Other proprietary brand assets such as patents, trademarks and channel relationships. Modifiers are cost-efficient ways of differentiating a business or a product. Management guru Tom Peters said it well: Commercials are aired on television around a message thanking all the "moms".

When shipping their items, the factories would literally brand their logo or company insignia on the barrels used, effectively using a corporate trademark as a quasi-brand. Lamborghini has trademarked the upward motion of its car doors Figure 2.

Individual branding can also lead to competition for resources and customers. For ecommerce businesses, product placement looks a little different. Aaker Model David Aakera marketing professor and brand consultant, highlights ten attributes of a brand that can be used to assess its strength.

Back section of a bracelet clasp with a hallmark of Hunnish craftsmanship, early 5th century The use of identity marks on products declined following the fall of the Roman Empire.

The first evokes strong imagery, while the latter is boring and non-descriptive — most would choose the first. The way the brand name sounds and the images it evokes both impact the purchase decision. Extension effects appear to be strong organizational benefits such as resource sharing and coordination benefits fostered through the cobranding optionalthough how successful this cobranded store will be depends on the potential cannibalization of Whole Foods main store customers by by Whole Foods Markets.

Prior to bankruptcy, the company pursued a corporate-endorsed hybrid brand architecture structure, where GM underpinned every brand. Modifiers are cost-efficient ways of differentiating a business or a product. Brand Value Approach 4: The mosaic depicts four different amphora, one at each corner of the atrium, and bearing labels as follows: Branding was adapted by farmers, potters and traders for use on other types of goods such as pottery and ceramics.Brand equity can add considerable value to your business.

It is the amount of positive thoughts & feelings generated by your brand amongst customers. Discover the hottest trends and innovative growth secrets from performance marketing’s brightest minds. Brand architecture is the structure of brands within an organizational entity.

It is the way in which the brands within a company’s portfolio are related to, and differentiated from, one another. The architecture should define the different leagues of branding within the organization; how the corporate brand and sub-brands relate to and support each.

Brand equity is a set of assets or liabilities in the form of brand visibility, brand associations and customer loyalty that add or subtract from value of a current or potential product or service driven by the brand.

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Key Brand Architecture Considerations. 1. Extension branding can create powerful extension and feedback effects. 3 Considerations For Brand Architecture Design. June 02nd, Brand Architecture And The Parent Brand Threat. February 27th, Branding Strategy Insider helps marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong.

Brand executives face two key questions in addressing the Amazon marketplace: 1. Will the brand be sold on the Amazon Marketplace? 2. If yes, then what distribution approach makes most sense for the brand?

Key considerations for brand equity
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